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На выставке в Дублинском университете, посвященной парадоксам зрительного восприятия, выставлен следующий удивительный абзац текста. Он начинается с цепочки разумно выглядящих наблюдений и рассуждений, отсылающих примерно к Фейнману, продолжается несколько предложений, и вдруг, совершенно нежиданно, в самом конце взрывается в полнейший рак зрительного нерва. Сильная штука:
The human eye has to be one of the cruelest tricks nature ever pulled. We can see a tiny, cone-shaped area of light in front of our faces, restricted to a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can't see around walls, we can't see heat or cold, we can't see electricity or radio signals, we can't see at a distance. It is a sense so limited that we might as well not have it, yet we have evolved to depend so heavily on it as a species that all other perception has atrophied. We have wound up with the utterly mad and often fatal delusion that if we can't see something, it doesn't exist. Virtually all of civilization's failures can be traced back to that one ominous sentence: `I'll believe it when I see it'. We can't even convince the public that global warming is dangerous. Why? Because carbon dioxide happens to be invisible.

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