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Хорошая новость

Оказывается, с моей машиной всё в порядке:

customer states vehicle died while driving on the highway and was unable to start (engine cranked vigorously, but did not start), but vehicle ran normally until it died. customer states prior to the tow truck arrived, vehicle lost all electrical power - inspect and report.
after slow trickle charge of battery, vehicle started up. advise customer initial diag/inspection recommended to determine why vehicle died while driving
perform fuel pressure test, ignition system test, and DME relay test. report results with recommendations
У меня тоже так было. Вдруг машина умерла на ходу, причем вся сразу --- ничего не работало вообще, включая аварийку. Ну и никакого "cranked vigorously", конечно, не было и в помине. Оказалось, оторвался плюс от аккумулятора.