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Возможна ли наука без государственной цензуры в форме заданий и заказов?

На странице 124 Уоррен откладывает праксеологию и переходит к жанру мемуаристики. И вот тут-то становится очевидно, какая она безнадёжная дура. Как будто зажглась электрическая лампочка. Вернее, потухла.
   Mrs. Clinton thrust her hand forward. "You must be Professor Warren. I read your op-ed in the New York Times about women and bankruptcy, and I want to talk with you." [...] Before I could respond, Mrs. Clinton snapped her head sharply to the side and called to no one in particular, "Where's lunch? I'm hungry."
   We were ushered to a small office with cracked leatherette chairs, carefully set out with lunch for the First Lady—half a hamburger, French fries, Diet Coke—and an iced tea for me. The small army of aides and security agents were left behind in the hallway; there were just the two of us in the tiny room.
   Before she had taken a single bit of her hamburger, Mrs. Clinton tore into the business at hand: "I have two questions for you: How are women affected by the bankruptcy laws, and how did a women get to be a chaired professor at Harvard Law School?"
   For the next twenty-five minutes I pounded Mrs. Clinton with graphs, charts, and projections. She ate fast and asked questions even faster. I have taught bankruptcy law to thousands of students—but I never saw one like Mrs. Clinton. Impatient, lightning-quick, and interested in all the nuances. In just half an hour, she went from knowing almost nothing about the bankruptcy system to grasping the counterintuitive twist that [...].
   At the end of our discussions, Mrs Clinton stood up and said, "Well, I'm convinced. It is our job to stop that awful bill. You help me, and I'll help you. We talked university politics for a bit, then walked outside.
Всё, эту конкретную макулатуру я больше не читаю. Как выражаются в русских сетевых магазинах, в корзину!
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