Mr. Twister

Пишет мистер Трамп

You were the real winner tonight.
Without you, I never would’ve had the chance to get on that stage and fight for America.
We won tonight’s debate — and I am confident we will win it all on November 8.
But it’s going to take every single supporter officially joining the team that will take back the White House just 43 days from now.
Join me as we take our movement all the way to the White House by making a contribution of $100, $65, $50, $35, $25, $15, or $5.
Tonight isn’t just a win for our campaign. It’s a win for America.
...It’s a win for the families who worry about their future as taxes, insurance, the cost of living, and our national debt skyrocket.
...It’s a win for the factory workers who watched their jobs ship off to Mexico and China.
...It’s a win for the police officers who puts their lives in harm’s way every single day.
...It’s a win for our brave veterans who deserve the treatment they earned.
...It’s a win for the American citizens who’ve seen the interests of other nations put above our own.
...And it’s a win for the tens of millions of patriotic, hard-working Americans whom Hillary thought she could write off as “deplorable” and “irredeemable.”
But to win the White House, we must keep pushing. We can’t quit while we’re ahead.
Take tonight’s victory to help us surge in the polls and all the way to the White House with a generous contribution right now.
Donald J. Trump
Это доктор Пол так обращается с е-мейлами -- больше неоткуда взятся. И что-то от шерифа Арпайо давно не было весточки, беспокоюсь.