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"Children salute the American flag in 1915."
Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons

Хм, не только в 1915-м, а до 1942-го ?
Ah, the startling discovery that American progressivists were the original fascists. Eugenics, swastika, fasces and eagles all over Washington DC (notably Lincoln monument), and that nice AFL-CIO UFW eagle flag.

Fucking Hitler called Roosevelt "my teacher". In writing.

WWII was the war between three socialisms.

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I thought WWII was first of all with Britain rather than US ?

And do you mean that non-socialists (who is even left, Netherlands, Belgium, France ?) had no stomach to fight ?
Можно и так сформулировать, да. Не хватило крутизны убиться об стену.
С другой стороны - а кто собственно 'не социалисты' из участников ?
С другой стороны - а кто собственно 'не социалисты', оставшиеся в стороне ?