birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Политкорректность ОК!

В сонном, захолустном бложике моего микрорайона, где постят, на каком пустыре построят какой небоскреб и на месте какого склада откроется какая крафтовая микропивоварня, и никто никогда ничего не комментирует, внезапно вспышка оголтелого пещерного расизма. Поводом послужила новость, что руководства местной бензоколонки, Данкин Донатса, райсовета и полиции наконец-то встретились и выработали совместный план искоренения лойтеринга вокруг этих бизнесов. To loiter - труднопереводимое слово, означающее толпиться без дела, либо бесконечно сидеть на корточках и не уходить.

Каменты: I feel completely enraged when I think about all the crap that has happened to me or stuff I have witnessed when simply trying to go to the Jewel to buy some groceries. These people need to be removed permanently. I don't want to walk by people going to the bathroom (both #1 and #2) just outside of the Jewel parking lot near the CTA train station exit, meanwhile being asked by others for money, and/or witness people having shouting matches with their imaginary associates... Тhey screamed profanities in my baby daughter's face while in the stroller and I was 9 months pregnant. I've had multiple encounters like this and it's sad that I can't walk 2 blocks in the South Loop without an incident every time... These are the same "characters" stealing packages from our doorsteps and consistently causing disruption to our community. I don't know why it took Alderman Dowell so long to do this... They use our parks as personal restrooms, wash their underwear in the drinking fountains, have sex next to children's playgrounds. They want to put a new elementary school up at 16th and Dearborn? Not safe for children to be on these streets... This is great news. Those areas were becoming down right dangerous and really made our neighborhood appear low class and sketchy...

Но! При всём при этом цвет кожи ни разу не упоминается! Люди прекрасно понимают друг друга и без этого.

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