Dore: Ogre

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Министерство обороны требует с военнослужащих часть денег назад. Переплатили по ошибке.
Haley, who also served in Afghanistan and now lives in Kempner, Texas, said she slit open the envelope, read the letter and nearly fell out of her chair. "It said I had improperly been given a signing bonus to reenlist and that I had to pay all the money back with interest or I would be in violation of federal law," Haley said. "I freaked out." Now, Haley said, she sends the Pentagon $650 a month. She said this is about a quarter of her family's income, and she's afraid they will lose their home.
Кажется, там выяснение этой ошибки обошлось дороже переплаты.
А если они признают эти возвраты нечестными и остановят их, они возвратят уже возвращённые нечестные возвраты? Вполне же можно будет потребовать.