birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Что вас больше всего поразило в Америке?

     From an early age, Chaya Mushka was recognized by her father as possessing a great maturity of judgement. In a document dated December 4, 1924, when she was twenty-three, her father appointed her to serve as his backup in financial matters involving the movement: "I hereby empower citizen Chaya Moussia Yosepovna [Russian for 'daughter of Joseph'] Schneersohn, residing at Machovaya Street 12/22, apartment 10, to receive monies on my behalf or documents that are addressed to me in all forms, from the government bank and all of its branches and offices, and from other banks, government or communal, or from other organizations of private persons or by telegraph.

Тут есть пара неточностей, например Моховая пишется через "о", и 22 - это номер по Моховой, а 12 - по Пестеля, а не наборот. Вот этот дом. Но с их учетом всё равно получается, что Фрирдикер Реббе с дочерью (будущей женой седьмого реббе) жил в полете кота от моего собственного дома.
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