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Часто спрашивают - а откуда в вашем либертарианском раю появятся велосипедные дорожки вдоль озера? Сейчас прочитал в газете научно-фантастический рассказ, там выдвигается интересная гипотеза. Как знать...
Ken Griffin — who gave Emanuel more than $1 million in the 2015 runoff against Cook County Board Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia — sent Emanuel a brief email [...] Griffin, an avid user of the Lakefront Trail, did not mince words about its condition. "Lake front bike path is a disaster. How can this be after they just refinished much of the path?" [...] Emanuel touts the plans he announced to add nearly 6 acres of green space where Lake Michigan used to be at Fullerton Avenue, as well as separate paths for runners and bicyclists along 7 miles between Fullerton and Ohio Street and from 31st Street to 51st Street. That, in turn, prompts Griffin to ask what "we can do to repair the lakefront bike path — any idea if the park district plans to do this?" Wrote Griffin: "Can they accept private funding .. this is a mess."

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    В Америке энтузиасты войны с Ираком в 2001 году и энтузиасты карантина - разные люди, а в Израиле - одни и те же.

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    Этот стандарт называется "Девятая симфония Дворжака (Z nového světa)"

  • Будьте осторожны! -- Heiko Rischer isn’t quite sure how to describe the taste of lab-grown coffee. This summer he sampled one of the first batches in…

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