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Ну, что можно сказать. Всё это время, пока Хабад лоббировал министерство просвещения, фудстампы и войну, в том же самом Бруклине спокойно существовал Сатмар (наиболее известный по Во главе с р. Йоэлем Тейтельбаумом. Вот, что сатмаровцы пишут по разнообразным поводам.

Про Вьетнам: In 1966, during the Vietnam War, many secular Jewish organizations joined the anti-war movement and protested against President Johnson and the government. Rabbi Dovid Hollander and other members of the Agudas Harabbanim proposed to the Rebbe that religious Jewry hold a counter-demonstration in support of the president and the war, and that a Satmar delegation should participate. The Rebbe replied, "Yes, it's true that we should show loyalty to the president when he is under attack. But there will surely be many reporters at your demonstration, and they will ask you, 'If you are so supportive of the war, do your sons serve in the US Army?' What are you going to answer to that?" The rabbanim took the Rebbe's wise words to heart and cancelled the entire plan".

Про эмигрантов: At the end of summer of 1974, several hundred Russian Jews arrived in Belgium from the State of "Israel." Weeks later, rumors spread that these Jews wanted to return to the Soviet Union, and that they had converted to Catholicism. As this shocking news spread around the world, Rav Tuv began to investigate, and it turned out that the Zionists had intentionally falsified the story. What had really happened was that these Jews had come to Belgium with the intention of settling there or traveling on to other free lands. But the Zionists realized that Russian Jews leaving their state en masse, after so many decades of Zionist demands that they be allowed to come there, would not look good for them. Therefore they were determined that these Jews should not fare better elsewhere in the world. They instructed Jewish organizations in Belgium, such as the Joint Distribution Committee, not to aid these Jews in any way. Obeying these orders, the Jewish community of Antwerp did not even allow the refugees to enter the synagogue on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The only rav who did open his doors to them, Rabbi Chaim Kreiswirth, was maligned in the Zionist press. With nowhere to turn, they turned to the Russian Catholic organization Karitas Katolicas and to the Tolstoy Foundation, who provided food and shelter. The Zionists seized this information and twisted it to claim that the Russian Jews had converted to Catholicism. When the Rebbe was informed of this story, he sent Rabbi Herz Frankel to Antwerp to visit the refugees. Rav Tuv was on the case. They sent them aid, aiming to free them from their dependence on the Catholics.

Про Израиль: The declaration of the state on May 14, 1948 (5 Iyar) took place in the midst of a bloody war that eventually claimed over six thousand Jewish lives and about fifteen thousand Arab lives. The first stage of the war lasted until June 11, when a UN ceasefire went into effect. The Zionists used the quiet time provided by the ceasefire to purchase more weapons and artillery. At that time, a meeting of rabbis and roshei yeshivas from all circles was called at the Little Hungary Hall at 255 East Houston Street on the East Side, to look for ways to aid the Jews of Eretz Yisroel. The Rebbe was invited and attended. However, as the meeting began, the Rebbe realized that the participants were not trying simply to save Jewish lives, but to strengthen the Zionist army. The Zionist leaders had asked these rabbis to try to influence the United States government to send weapons for them to use in the next round of fighting. The rabbis had also been asked to influence American Jews to send money to the Zionists for the purchase of weapons. The speakers at the meeting proposed sending a delegation to Washington to ask for weapons for the new Zionist state, as well as demand that the United States not send any weapons to the Arabs. The Rebbe stood up and spoke strongly against the proposal of the other speakers. It is forbidden to fight wars against the nations, he said, and it is forbidden to found a Jewish state before the coming of Mashiach. How then can we ask the United States for weapons in order to fight a war and place Jewish lives in danger? We have a responsibility to prevent Jewish casualties, and it is forbidden to sacrifice even one Jewish life. As far as demanding that the United States not send arms to the Arabs, the Rebbe said that there would be a downside to that: the Arabs would get their arms from the Soviet Union, and then the US would lose their influence over the Arabs.

И т.д. и т.п.
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