birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,


Говорят, миссис Клинтон проиграла из-за того, что NBC недостаточно раздувало антиопиатную истерию.

"What do I think we did wrong in this election? The biggest thing is we didn’t tell the stories of all Americans,” Mr. Todd said. “We told the stories of coastal Americans. And ultimately, that’s like the larger trust issue.”

“We were more likely to do a story about the Dreamer that might get deported with new policies than we were about the 19-year-old opioid addict who feels hopeless in Rolla, Missouri. And, I’m not, I don’t pick on Rolla, Missouri, it’s, my point is that we just, we did not equally tell those stories very well, right, and, we were not, that is an out-of-touch issue.”

Ой нет, если выбор стоит так, то пожалуйста и дальше рассказывайте истории только про мексиканцев.

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