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Экспериментальная литература

Встречали где-нибудь такой необычный детективный сюжет: в городе происходят таинственные убийства, местный шериф пытается их раскрыть, но у ничего не получается. Не хватает ума. И тут он начинает через газеты требовать, чтобы ему в помощь прислали побольше агентов ФБР.

“Can you believe what’s happening in Chicago?” Trump said in his speech Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He also referred to the seven people fatally shot in the city on a single day this week, something he also did on Twitter the night before: “What is going on there — totally out of control. Chicago needs help!”

Chicago’s top police officer responded Friday afternoon with a sharp message: We’ve already asked for your help, and we haven’t heard back.

“We’ve made requests to the White House and the Justice Department for them to support our work — from increasing federal gun prosecution to more FBI, DEA and ATF agents to more funding for mentoring, job training and more,” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in a statement. “The mayor made the request in person as recently as last week and we are hopeful the administration will finally respond.”

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