birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Новости электроники

Police Forget To Turn On Body Cameras. Can Taser’s Connected Holster Fix That?: Technology, no matter how smart, only works if you use it, or simply remember to turn it on. To ensure accountability during police encounters, Axon, Taser’s police body camera division, has announced a small sensor for gun holsters that can detect when a gun is drawn and automatically activate all nearby cameras. The sensor, Signal Sidearm, is part of a suite of products aimed at reducing the possibility that officers will fail to or forget to switch on their cameras during encounters with the public.

А если камеру не забыли включить, но на объектив нечаянно попала жвачка, поможет такое устройство? У меня более дешевое и надежное решение: нет записи - все сомнения автоматически трактуются в пользу расстрелянного.

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