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На какой клей лучше всего сажать кирпичики Лего?

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Хотел ответить "не глядя": на lego glue
Удивился, что ошибся и такого клея нет.

Вот он, официальный ответ:

LEGO® bricks & glue
We don't think it's a good idea to use any type of glue on LEGO bricks, as it could make them change shape! We make sure all the LEGO pieces we invent can be used over and over again. This means you can build lots of cool models that are different every time. If you stick them together they won't work!
You can use nail polish remover, acetone, just dip the brick in before you add it to the creation. Easier than a tube of superglue. Use a shallow container so there is not much in there at all, just enough to coat the bottom of the brick. I have seen videos and it looks like the method LEGO uses for displays.
Thank you guys for the info so far, for the set I glued piece by piece I used a heavy duty PVC glue, it makes a very strong bond because it basically melts the plastic on contact and creates a true bond between pieces... Need to use gloves and if you plan on doing it for long periods of time a mask is a good idea as well
спасибо, отлично. А собирать лего лучше пылесосом, с глаз долой из сердца вон