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Поразительный взгляд на мир

Pumpernickel (English: /ˈpʌmpərnɪkəl/; German: [ˈpʊmpɐˌnɪkəl]) is a typically heavy, slightly sweet rye bread traditionally made with sourdough starter and coarsely ground rye. It is often made today with a combination of rye flour and whole rye berries.
At one time it was traditional peasant fare, but largely during the 20th century various forms became popular through delicatessens and supermarkets.

Предложение построено так, будто люди оставались на своих местах, а хлеб самостоятелно пробивал себе дорогу наверх. Нет же, это просто некоторые крестьяне разбогатели и взяли его с собой!

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