birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Двух зайцев одним ударом

Оказывается, президент Трамп уничтожил не только глобальное потепление, но заодно и ядерную энергетику.

The long quest to revive the nation’s nuclear power industry suffered a crippling setback Monday when two South Carolina utilities halted construction on a pair of reactors that once were expected to showcase a modern design for a new age of nuclear power.

The project has been plagued by billions of dollars in cost overruns, stagnant demand for electricity, competition from cheap natural gas plants and renewables, and the bankruptcy of Westinghouse Electric [...].

The plants would be more viable if the federal government imposed a tax on carbon as part of climate change policy, but that seems unlikely.

Слава богу.

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