Mr. Twister


Самое бессмысленное,что оставляют нам ушедшие поколения - это памятники своим политикам и военачальникам. Ах, если бы не победил именно этот кровавый генерал, его победил бы какой-то другой кровавый генерал. Ах, если бы нас не обложил налогами именно этот головорез, мы бы сейчас платили налоги какому-то совершенно другому головорезу. Страшная участь!
Хрен редьки не слаще.
"Fouts lives in Gettysburg, now, but comes back to St. Albans for the summer. On Tuesday he visited a number of interesting Greenwood graves.

Peter Brace, Alex Garrison, and Daniel Prince, who survived the war, are remembered with small, simple grave markers, lined up in the same row. Flags note service to their country. The men were in the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, one of the first African American units.

Their graves are towards the back of the cemetery, others from their unit along the side, near the proverbial back of the bus, Fouts explained. Racism ran rampant in both the North and South, and it was unusual for troops of color to be buried among white people, he added."


"Joseph Brainerd, whose family lives on via street signs, was wounded and taken prisoner during the war, eventually dying of scurvy in the notorious Confederate prison, Andersonville, Ga. on Sept. 12, 1864.

His body is not buried in St. Albans, but his marble memorial notes that he was “wholly neglected by President Lincoln.”

When Lincoln was assassinated, Fouts explained, a group of local people went to the stone, tied rope around it, and tried to remove it. They mostly failed, although the stone did land on its side, and had to be righted later."