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Желтые короли! -- Between January and July, the number of people taking cabs in Chicago was 41 percent lower than in 2016, city data shows.
Taxi advocates say those numbers are pushing drivers off the streets. So far this year, 900 taxi medallions have gone into foreclosure, according to the cabdrivers union.
Although ride-share companies are "making consumers go for the convenience," they don't contribute to Chicago the way taxis do, Beale maintains.
"The cab industry is a different experience. Cabdrivers are ambassadors to the city. They know the city. They talk to you about the city," Beale said. "You aren't going to get that with Uber and Lyft."
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  • Из вконтактика

    Горка в Таврическом саду. 1955-1960.

  • Неловкость

    Когда педагог приглашает вечером на концерт, только надо проверить, пускают ли в заведение детей, а все билеты, оказывается, давно распроданы.

  • Это интересно

    Китай уничтожает школьное репетиторство. Боюсь, без запрета на изучение английского может не сработать.

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