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The main purpose of this article is to break down the cost of surgery at a private hospital in Mexico. It doesn’t really matter what facility you go to or what city you are in. The costs will be similar. I don’t have exclusive knowledge of some special secret hospital. If you don’t know where to go, then cross the border at your nearest crossing point and ask a taxi driver to take you and your loved one to a private hospital. You don’t need to know your way around. There are always taxis right near the border crossings. Try to get over the gringo fear that everyone will rip you off in Mexico and just go for it. Also, you can pay your bills with dollars or with your debit / credit card.
Below are the itemized costs for an appendectomy in Mexico with complications.
Total: 2,830 dollars
You know, of course, that Mexico has mostly socialized state-provided medical care, don't you? Single-payer and pretty much single-provider, at least within each segment defined by law: IMSS for those legally employed by the private sector, ISSSTE for those employed by the federal government (with state-managed systems fors state employees), separate medical services for the oil mononpoly (PEMEX) and the military. All of these have their own hospital and clinic networks. And the bulk of the rest get covered by the new Seguro Popular and attended in the hospitals of the state and federal Health Ministries.

The private hospital system operates as a fringe add-on for the rich, like myself, and foreigners (though even American retirees generally buy into the socialized system of the IMSS). And most doctors operating in the private system do so in the time they have left over from their job in the public sector. The private system is, of course, much more expensive than the public - though much cheaper than in the US. It works best, though, if you arrange care with a doctor you trust. Private hospitals are, basically, hotels with (well-equipped) surgeries, and doctors are private contractors there, who get to use facilities in exchange for bringing in clients. Many such hospitals only keep on staff minimal medical personnell provided for by law. Even though I work one block away from one of the best and largest private hospitals in Mexico City, if I am hit by a car in front of it or have a heart attack in the office, I might be better of going to a public hospital - their emergency room is staffed by least experienced people out there and sees little use (I will, of course, happily schedule an elective procedure there - with my own doctor). This system is very successful separating the wealthy clientelle, which values choice and comfort - and is able to pay for it (public system tends to give no choice and is rather bare-bones in terms of comfort it provides). For the bulk of Mexico's population, however, the only interaction with the private system may be when they go to a doctor in the pharmacy (yes, pharmacies employ doctors - tells you how much a young Mexican doctor earns) to get an antibiotic prescription or an injection - all their serious medical care is provided through the public sector. Even the wealthy tend to rely more and more on the public sector as they get older.
Отлично! Вот я и в Америке хочу такой же fringe add-on for the rich, чтобы лечиться за 2830 долларов, только не таскаться для этого в Мексику.