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The main purpose of this article is to break down the cost of surgery at a private hospital in Mexico. It doesn’t really matter what facility you go to or what city you are in. The costs will be similar. I don’t have exclusive knowledge of some special secret hospital. If you don’t know where to go, then cross the border at your nearest crossing point and ask a taxi driver to take you and your loved one to a private hospital. You don’t need to know your way around. There are always taxis right near the border crossings. Try to get over the gringo fear that everyone will rip you off in Mexico and just go for it. Also, you can pay your bills with dollars or with your debit / credit card.
Below are the itemized costs for an appendectomy in Mexico with complications.
Total: 2,830 dollars
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Как раз такие рутинные походы к врачу иногда спасают жизнь. Например, рак простаты. Элементарный анализ крови, на PSA levels. Если рано заметить, то все можно предотвратить. Но умники, к врачам никогда не ходят. Они лишь приходят тогда, когда что-то заболело. А когда что-то болит, часто находят метастазы, которые распространились по всему телу.