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Я угадал! Taking to Twitter on Saturday, foreign policy and strategy consultant Molly McKew called Manning’s decision to run “a little too convenient,” noting that she is running against Senator Ben Cardin, who is “one of [the] most active senators on foreign policy and [a] leader in making policy/legislation to respond to Russian aggression.” "I know there are a lot of people who still think of Manning as a whistleblower. But the agent of a foreign power coerced this individual, leveraging their emotional distress, into breaking their oath to the country and disclosing classified secrets. Period."
Так это и в республиканакой прессе не попадается, только в анархической.
National Review -- достаточно республиканская?

Да и Марка Стайна анархическим не назвать, а он об этом десятки статей писал.
На последних республиканаких primaries (где победил Трамп) эта тема никого не интересовала кроме, возможно, Пола.