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Generic Use. Although MAN in its original sense carried the dual meaning of adult human and adult male, its meaning has come to be so closely identified with adult male that the generic use of MAN and other words with masculine markers should be avoided.

Original: mankind
Alternatives: humanity, people, human beings

Original: man's achievements
Alternative: human achievements

Original: man-made
Alternatives: synthetic, manufactured, machine-made

Original: the common man
Alternatives: the average person, ordinary people

Original: man the stockroom
Alternative: staff the stockroom

Original: nine man-hours
Alternative: nine staff-hours

Occupations. Avoid the use of MAN in occupational terms when persons holding the job could be either male or female.

Original: chairman
Alternatives: coordinator (of a committee or department), moderator (of a meeting), presiding officer, head, chair

Original: businessman
Alternatives: business executive, business person

Original: fireman
Alternative: firefighter

Original: mailman
Alternative: mail carrier

Original: steward and stewardess
Alternative: flight attendant

Original: policeman and policewoman
Alternative: police officer

Original: congressman
Alternative: congressional representative

Historically, some jobs have been dominated by one gender or the other. This has lead to the tendency for a person of the opposite gender to be "marked" by adding a reference to gender. You should avoid marking the gender in this fashion in your writing.

Original: male nurse
Alternative: nurse

Original: woman doctor
Alternative: doctor

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