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В Швеции вообще не стали заморачиваться и приняли yes means yes в виде государственного закона: "If a person wants to engage in sexual activities with someone who remains inactive or gives ambiguous signals, he or she will therefore have to find out if the other person is willing." Under the previous legislation, prosecutors had to prove that the perpetrator had used violence or that the victim had been exploited in a vulnerable condition, such as under the influence of alcohol, in order to secure a rape conviction. The law introduces two new offences, negligent rape and negligent sexual abuse, carrying a maximum prison term of four years.

Most countries in Europe still define rape as a sexual act carried out with these of violence or threat. The countries where sex without consent is considered rape are: 1: United Kingdom; 2: Ireland; 3: Belgium; 4: Luxembourg; 5: Germany; 6: Cyprus
если внимательно прочитать , закон одинаково защищает от насилия мужчин и женщин

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А со шведскими сексулаьными вкусами, это же какой сложности договор надо будет составлять :)