Leif Gram: Mr. Fix


philg: Suppose that a young-looking person shows up in the U.S. and says the following:

  • “I am 14 years old”
  • “I grew up in a small village, but I don’t know what country we were part of.”
  • “My name is Santiago, but I never was told about a last name.”
  • “Adults brought me here against my will.”

    How would our government go about deporting such a person? By definition this undocumented immigrant has no documents. It wouldn’t make sense to deport him to a specific country and there would be no reason for any specific country to take him.

    Minor children are entitled to food, shelter, health care, and education, right? So Santiago would have to be provided with all of that for $50,000(?) per year in a government-run facility or maybe put into foster care (table of rates by state). He would have to be given education through age 18, perhaps at about $25,000 per year including the capital cost of building a school.

    He can’t be imprisoned for the crime of breaking U.S. immigration laws, can he? He says that it was an adult who brought him here.

    What actually happens in the above case?
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