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Philg рубит фишку

philg -- “Maria Butina, Suspected Secret Agent, Used Sex in Covert Plan, Prosecutors Say” (nytimes) describes how a 29-year-old student pilot in a Piper Warrior (see the video on the page at 2:11) managed to subvert the $4.4 trillion/year Federal government:

Apparently hoping for a work visa that would grant her a longer stay, she offered one American sex in exchange for a job. She moved in with a Republican political operative nearly twice her age, describing him as her boyfriend. But she privately expressed “disdain” for him and had him do her homework, prosecutors said.

In other words, a young person was having sex with an older person who had something to offer in terms of career advancement.

When this happens between two Americans, the young person is described as a helpless victim, suffering from what might be a year of forced sexual encounters, utterly trapped and with no thought of what was being obtained in exchange. When the young person is Russian, however, the same newspaper describes the young person as a cunning aggressor, in control of the situation.
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все уже украдено до нас (ц)
"Буржуазная зараза
Всюду ходит по пятам.
Опасайся пуще глаза
Ты внебрачных связей там.

Там шпионки с крепким телом,-
Ты их в дверь - они в окно!

Говори, что с этим делом
Мы покончили давно.

Но могут действовать они не прямиком:
Шасть в купе - и притвориться мужиком,-
А сама наложит тола под корсет.
Проверяй, какого пола твой сосед!" (c)