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Four in 30 children in classrooms across America are made to compete with their peers for grades and university places in spite of low IQ and with little success. Because the role of cognitive ability is de-emphasized in childhood success, and often treated as a function of effort, children in these circumstances can find themselves trying harder than every other child in the classroom, while still being admonished to ‘try harder.’ While wise caregivers abstain from blaming these children outright for their failures, a taboo on acknowledging the importance of intelligence means that low IQ individuals themselves may be unaware of their condition or its full ramifications, making them likely to engage in repeated self-blaming injurious to self-esteem and mental stability.
What exactly are we doing to rectify or alleviate cognitive inequality? The answer, of course, is that we ignore it and hope it will go away. Continuing to force large numbers of cognitively underprivileged children through the arduous challenges of the standard education system is only perpetuating the devastating legacy of intelligence denialism.

что самое обидное для меня, о ленивых детях никто так не заботится
как так ? Трудно соревноваться со сверстниками... и далее по тексту
Между ленивыми сообразительными людьми с одной стороны, и трудолюбивыми несообразительными людьми с другой, лежит пропасть такого размера, что неловко вспомонать про лень.