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Директриса школы пишет

I received several emails over the weekend and Monday morning about a student showing off a gun on Snapchat. I immediately contacted our police officers, dean, and our assistant principals to discuss the situation. We identified the student and contacted the parent for a conference. The student had accompanied the parent to a local gun range to use the firearm. The parent confirmed she knew about the student taking the video but did not know he sent it out on Snapchat. I contacted the gun range and was told children as young as 10 years old if accompanied by a parent can practice shooting at the range. Based on the circumstances surrounding this incident the student was given a suspension. My conversations with senior and junior students clearly stated last week to make good decisions and avoid at all costs actions that would constituent a punishment. I do not believe this student would ever pose a threat to our school community. I do believe he understands the seriousness of this matter. The mother was instructed by our police officers to lock the gun with the safety lock provided and store the gun in a safe place. They reiterated it is against the law in the city of Chicago for a minor to handle a gun.
Tags: преступление

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