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Why Does the School Day End Two Hours Before the Workday? “We often think about this as a problem every family faces, and it just happens over and over again in this systemic way: The mother cuts back on her hours for when school is closed,” said Catherine Brown, an education-policy researcher at the Center for American Progress. “Why do we have a wage gap? Partially it’s because of this, I believe.” Правда, что ли? А я думал, из-за мизогинии и дискриминации женщин.

Extending the traditional six-and-a-half-hour school day to match the eight-hour workday would add more than a current school day’s worth of time to a teacher’s work week.

Wharton's top professor says America should shorten the work day by 2 hours. "Let's make work days shorter: they should finish at 3pm," says Grant, an organizational psychologist and New York Times best-selling author, in a recent LinkedIn post. "We can be as productive and creative in 6 focused hours as in 8 unfocused hours," writes Grant.

Wharton's top professor:

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