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Washington Examiner: Top Hillary Clinton aide: she may run in 2020.
“It’s curious why Hillary Clinton’s name isn’t in the mix—either conversationally or in formal polling—as a 2020 candidate,” he told told Politico. “She’s younger than Donald Trump by a year. She’s younger than Joe Biden by four years. Is it that she’s run before? This would be Bernie Sanders’ second time, and Biden’s third time. Is it lack of support? She had 65 million people vote for her.”
It was a mistake for Democrats to punish Clinton for the mistakes she made in 2016. “Chalking the loss up to her being a failed candidate is an oversimplification,” he said. “She is smarter than most, tougher than most, she could raise money easier than most, and it was an absolute fight to the death.”
100%. И мизогинизма никакого тоже нет.
Это целиком зависит от априорной партойной пронадлежности. Кто-то уверен в том, что Трамп путинский шпион, а кто-то в том, что Клинтон все делала законно. Расследованиями ФБР или их отсутствием эти вопросы не решаются.