Mr. Twister

Специально для негров. И для мексиканцев, не знающих, мужчины они или женщины.

The Sphinx Competition is held every year in Detroit, Michigan. The competition is open to all Junior High, High School, and College age Black and Latinx string players residing in the U.S. The Sphinx Competition offers young Black and Latinx classical string players a chance to compete under the guidance of an internationally renowned panel of judges and to perform with established professional musicians in a competition setting. Its primary goals are to encourage, develop and recognize classical music talent in the Black and Latinx communities --

Мне тут было непонятно, что такое Latinx. Пожалуйста:the term is a politicized neologism that has gained traction among advocacy groups intersectionally combining the identity politics of race and gender.

Latinx... надо же, никогда такого не встречал еще. Пришлось гуглить.