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philg: I’m wondering if the Amazon HQ2 deals show how to implement a planned economy without having to acknowledge that one’s country has transitioned away from the market.

Planned Economy v1.0: It is illegal for anyone to operate a business without approval from a government ministry. Government experts decide which companies can operate, from which locations, and engaging in which businesses.

Planned Economy v2.0: Set up tax rates that are, by global standards, punishingly high. It is therefore impractical to do business if a company must pay the headline rates. Government experts decide that certain companies, in certain locations, and engaging in certain activities, can operate with tax rates that are closer to global norms.
Так и есть, увы. У нас тут ещё нобелевский лауреат сейчас гостит с лекциями. Объясняет почему нельзя работать в субботу воскресенье. А то неравенство.
Надо учредить движение Экономисты за профсоюзы. Типа Jews for Jesus.
Jews for Jesus хотя бы не морочат голову научными доказательствами - мы узрели свет, давайте все к нам. В отличие от экономистов.