Mr. Twister

Запрет наркотиков здорового человека

Guardian -- Dark web dealers voluntarily ban deadly fentanyl. Vince O’Brien, one of the NCA’s leads on drugs, told the Observer that dark web marketplace operators appeared to have made a commercial decision, because selling a drug that could lead to fatalities was more likely to prompt attention from police. It is the first known instance of these types of operators moving to effectively ban a drug.

O kak! Makes sense. Not just police attention, it also does not make sense to sell a product that kills your clients if you hope for repeat business.
Well, the drug dealers appear to be more sensible than our legal authorities, sadly.
But fentanyl has higher therapeutic index than e.g. heroin (by an order of magnitude, I think), and yet apparently nobody's banning heroin.
As far as I understand, it is a lot easier to overdose with fentanyl -- not sure what the underlying mechanism is.

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