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Зеки, по очереди имперсонируя женщин и их отцов, шантажируют военнослужащих детской порнографией:
"This despicable targeting of our brave service members will never be tolerated," said Director Andrew Traver of Naval Criminal Investigative Service. "We will not allow criminal networks to degrade the readiness of our military force."
Офигенно, государственный секрет. Стыдно, наверное.

Military criminal investigative organizations
crack down on sextortion ring targeting service members

November 28, 2018

WASHINGTON—Agents from military criminal investigative organizations executed arrest warrants and served summonses today on a sextortion ring for money laundering, extortion and wire fraud targeting military service members.

This is the first phase of Operation Surprise Party, an investigation initiated in January 2017 by Naval Criminal Investigative Service and also worked by the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, Army Criminal Investigation Command and Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

The military law enforcement community was aided by several partners, including the U.S. Attorney's Office, Internal Revenue Service, United States Marshals Service, Department of Energy, South Carolina and North Carolina local agencies, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

These online schemes cost 442 service members from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps from across the United States more than $560,000 in financial loss.

South Carolina inmates, aided by outside civilian associates, identified and targeted military service members through social media forums and online dating websites. The prisoners, using fictitious online personas, preyed on service members to engage in online romantic relationships and then extort the service members for money.

Inmates used various social media platforms and dating sites posing as a female, exchanging pictures with service members. After the service member responded, prisoners would then assume a role of the female's father, who claimed the female was a juvenile. Prisoners would also assume the role of a police officer or someone in a position of authority, demanding money, on behalf of the family, in exchange for not pursuing charges through law enforcement channels.