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N. Kalra, S.Paddok @ RAND. Driving to Safety. How Many Miles of Driving Would It Take to Demonstrate Autonomous Vehicle Reliability?
Key Findings:
  • Autonomous vehicles would have to be driven hundreds of millions of miles and sometimes hundreds of billions of miles to demonstrate their reliability in terms of fatalities and injuries.
  • Under even aggressive testing assumptions, existing fleets would take tens and sometimes hundreds of years to drive these miles — an impossible proposition if the aim is to demonstrate their performance prior to releasing them on the roads for consumer use.

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  • это они шутят так?

    Waymo Has The Most Autonomous Miles, By A Lot. Waymo is now driving almost 1 million miles per month and has driven 8 million miles since inception, according to CEO John Krafcik at the National Governor's Association last week.
    было вроде 500, сейчас якобы 62000, после паблик ланча.
    Мне вообще ничего этого не надо. Но у них речь про автономные машины, ездящие без участия человека.

    Ну так он и ездит без участия человека практически, на хайвее, во всяком случае.
    Кого интересует езда по прямой на хайвее? Это может любая машина с исправной подвеской, хоть из 1960 года.
    I don't know but probably a good chunk of it. There are a lot of Teslas in California.
    In any case, they can take highway interchanges, which is a harder problem.
    автономные спутники пролетели уже квинтильоны километров, их автопилот зе бест!