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bbc.com -- The University of Farmington, advertised as based in Michigan state, was run by undercover agents from the Department of Homeland Security to expose "pay-to-stay" immigration fraud. The fake university was set up in 2015 to try to catch foreign nationals who had initially travelled to the US on student visas and wanted to stay in the country, US media reported. A website for the University of Farmington showed pictures of students in classes and libraries, or relaxing around a grassy campus.

In a precedent to the latest sting, immigration agents set up the fake University of Northern New Jersey in 2016 under the Obama administration. A total of 21 people, mostly from China and India, were arrested.
а реферируемые журналы они выпускали
Точно, раньше все девочки на сети были переодетыми ментами, теперь и все профессора.