birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Читайте, читайте

Почему в Америке невозможно попасть к врачу? Потому что люди наплевательски относятся к своему здоровью, ленятся шевелиться и обивать пороги!

and Lily i feel horrible about your plight, but some of it is of your own making.

i don't mean your asthma, heaven forbid. i menanthe way you approach medicine and doctors, then whine about them.

MASS is bad, but i don't believe it is AS bad as you describe, simply because have access to other people.

if i only listened to you i'd be inclined to believe you.

but i dealt with other people, even helped a c couple, and i know that what you are describing is. a skewed view.

you either never learned to use the system or you never even wanted to use it.

sorry, but you do have legitimate probelms and teh way you dealt with them reminds me of patients i know from anywhere - who just don't want to deal with their health. i get that, i am very similar, but at least i don't whine about how i cannot get a specialist. i can. in 2 days. and for a patient of mine - in a week. in a harvardy busy academic system. people make room, when needed.

and. yes, i called up random offices for people and got them in without using my titles.

you won't admit it of course, but you simply don't want to do what needs to be done.

even what you say about EDs is skewed.

if you are REALLY ill, you gotta go to MGH or the h Longwood/harvard system hospital, or tufts or BU.

going to that little place if you are REALLY ill might not get you the best service.

aslso a 6-hour wait at the ED usually means they don't think you need to be there and triaged you low. so low that you learned to fake Levin';s sign and a heart attack which is precisely what some smart homeless do to get in to warm up in a nice bed with some free food.

becasue you are an eloquent and smart person, people listen to you distort reality and not exactly lie, but.. misrepresent everything.

i cannot tell you all i think about this behavior. i am trying to be polite.

but you and people like you are actually a big part of the problem we have in american medicine.


i calmed down , gave myself some time before writing this.

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