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PUTTING THE BRAKES ON HIGH-FREQUENCY TRADING WITH PHYSICS. In the middle of the East Coast’s slow broil in the summer of 2018, a curious phenomenon surfaced. As a tropical air mass settled in and smothered the metropolitan New York area, a certain breed of stock speculator began feeling the financial heat as the microwave signals linking together various data centers and exchanges began to slow down. These high-frequency traders rely on getting information a fraction of a second before other traders see the same thing and take advantage of minuscule price differences to make money hand over fist.

While you won’t catch us shedding many tears over the billions these speculators lost during the hot spell, we did find the fact that humidity can slow microwave propagation enough to make this a problem for them a fascinating subject, enough so that we covered it in some detail at the time --

Это ж как надо ненавидеть капитализм и радиосвязь, чтобы такое написать! Какая черная злоба и зависть дожна глодать! Никакой tandem_bike не снилось.

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