birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Новости европейского безумия -- German stock market operator Deutsche Boerse plans to slow down some kinds of high-frequency trading by 1,000 times in a pilot project designed to reduce "aggressive" behaviour, it told AFP Tuesday. The test will probe the effects of "parking" orders some traders place using high-powered computers with delays as low as one millionth of a second.

Such so-called "aggressive" orders are currently executed immediately on the stock market's order book -- the list of all the offers to buy or sell a financial instrument.

In future, they "will be 'parked' for one millisecond" or one-thousandth of a second, Deutsche Boerse said, adding the move would "enable market participants who provide liquidity to focus on the needs of final customers and institutional investors".

Подразумевается, что в интересы последних входит подольше не знать правильных цен.
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