Mr. Twister

Американцы уверенно побеждают анестезию -- Patients with chronic pain, who are stable and, arguably, benefiting from long-term opioids, face draconian and often rapid involuntary dose reductions. Often, alternative pain care options are not offered, not covered by insurers, or not accessible. Others are pushed to undergo addiction treatment or invasive procedures (such as spinal injections), regardless of whether clinically appropriate. Consequently, patients have endured not only unnecessary suffering, but some have turned to suicide or illicit substance use. Others have experienced preventable hospitalizations or medical deterioration in part because insurers, regulators and other parties have deployed the 90 MME threshold as a both a professional standard and a threshold for professional suspicion. Under such pressure, care decisions are not always based on the best interests of the patient.

Путин и его фашистский режим в аналогичный момент ужаснулись и напринимали всяких Законов о паллиативной помощи. Тут демократия и такого малодушия, конечно, не допустят. "Плацебо столь же эффективно".