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Американские новости

Только вчера писал про про докторов и милиционеров, сегодня пример: Police were contacted after a doctor reported to the Department of Child Services that the child never made it to the hospital, as she had recommended, and she feared the child could be suffering from a "life-threatening" illness that could not be tested for at the clinic. When police arrived, Beck and her husband, Brooks Bryce, wouldn't let them into the house because they said the fever had broken and the child was no longer in danger. Chandler officers then warned Bryce if he did not answer police officers, the door would be broken down. Almost three hours after the first knock on the door, officers forced their way in with guns out and ready to fire.
Но, конечно, огораживаться будем не от этой сволочи, а от мексиканцев и китайцев.
Tags: cps, преступление

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