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philg -- From the NYT:
While the report does not find that the president or his campaign aides had committed any crimes in their contacts with Russians, it lays bare how Mr. Trump was elected with the help of a foreign power.

What did the Russians do? Reveal to Americans that Hillary Clinton was secretly planning to raise taxes and government spending?

[The same newspaper previously attributed Hillary’s failure to defeat a political amateur to “misogyny” among the unwashed masses of Republican voters. So maybe the Russians revealed to the American people that Hillary, contrary to outward appearances, identified as a woman?]
по-моему давно ясно, что конца этому не будет

со стороны демократов было бы просто глупо оставить эту тему
да, она выглядит вменяемой

но это редчайшее исключение, согласитесь

сомневаюсь, что она долго продержится в этой стае
я бы за нее проголосовал сегодня же, но "voter verified paper ballots", "ending regime change wars" - у нее нет шансов