birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Республиканцы окончательно превратились в партию трудящихся

USA TODAY -- "Listen, he's president of the United States because of the rejection of working-class people and middle-class people" and "the managed decline of our country at the hands of people like Hillary Clinton," Bannon said.
Bannon said Trump sees tariffs as "more than taxes" while as he argued the trade maneuver is "about self-empowerment of the working class."
Bannon said that under the free trade policies of the past decades "the jobs went to China, and the opioids came in."
Bannon referred to critics of Trump's tariffs as the Chinese Communist Party's "supporters on Wall Street and their supporters in corporate America" and said they "should be ashamed of themselves for the pressure they put on the president of the United States."
Здравствуй, Первомай!

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