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Кстати (что вас больше всего поразило в Америке?)

Вот, выходит, что на физике прожужжали все уши двумя различными Непонятными Вещами: дуализмом волна-частица и принципом неопределенности Гейзенберга. А про принцип дополнительности Бора, который я только что узнал из википедии, ничего не рассказали. A ведь он говорит, что это одно и то же. Как такое может быть? Неужели я не запомнил? Niels Bohr apparently conceived of the principle of complementarity during a skiing vacation in Norway in February and March 1927, during which he received a letter from Werner Heisenberg regarding the latter's newly discovered (and not yet published) uncertainty principle. Upon returning from his vacation, by which time Heisenberg had already submitted his paper on the uncertainty principle for publication, he convinced Heisenberg that the uncertainty principle was a manifestation of the deeper concept of complementarity.[6] Heisenberg duly appended a note to this effect to his paper on the uncertainty principle, before its publication, stating:
Bohr has brought to my attention [that] the uncertainty in our observation does not arise exclusively from the occurrence of discontinuities, but is tied directly to the demand that we ascribe equal validity to the quite different experiments which show up in the [particulate] theory on one hand, and in the wave theory on the other hand.