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Фундаментальный анализ

(везде) -- A Wall Street analyst who had a price target as high as $379 on Tesla Inc. a little more than a year ago held a private call with investors Wednesday to elaborate on why he thinks the stock may now be headed for as low as $10. “Today, supply exceeds demand, they are burning cash, nobody cares about the Model Y, they raise capital and there’s no strategic buy-in. Today, Tesla is not really seen as a growth story. It’s seen more as a distressed credit and restructuring story.”
“At the heart of this is demand,” Jonas said of Tesla’s woes.
"Maybe retail consumers aren't ready to get into the segment the way Elon thought they were." Дай-то Бог!!!
На самом деле у мужика просто стоит неправильная дисперсия в модели, поэтому выходит то 379, то 10, в зависимости от твитов Трампа и деятельности центробанка. Но все теперь только его и слушают.
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