birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Трамповская прокуратура -- Attorney General William Barr in lengthy remarks on Tuesday said he believes encryption is allowing "criminals to operate with impunity" in the digital world, reopening a bitter fight between the U.S. government and tech industry over whether law enforcement should be given special access to encrypted messages. Barr came out strongly against completely encrypted messaging, alleging that it has prevented U.S. law enforcement from tracking down criminals at the helm of drug cartels and even some responsible for murders.

Было бы здорово, если так, да что-то не очень верится. Но смешно, что вся предыдущая сволочь пугала "террористами", а теперь какие-то наркокартели раскопали: здравствуй, 1980 год.
Tags: преступление

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