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Повоевали и хватит

Трамп начал отменять тарифы.
cnbc -- Many Chinese products will be freed from tariffs that the Trump administration imposed last year, CNBC has confirmed, according to documents to be published on Friday by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.
The exemptions stem from more than 1,100 exclusion requests made by companies and other entities in the United States.
Прекрасные первые шаги на пути к разумности. Не отправить ли теперь профессора Наварро следом за профессорами Болтоном и Сешшнзом.

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  • Доктор Леана Вен

    Помните тупую медицинскую блядь? Надо помнить. Dr. Leana Wen@WP -- Anyone who buys cigarettes will see the stark warning right on the packaging:…

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    WP -- Israeli Supreme Court rules ultra-Orthodox must serve in the military. Ну, Test of English as a Foreign Language, GRE, аспирантура.

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