birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

"Crypto and the Latency Arms Race: Crypto Exchanges and the HFT Crowd"

Не интересуюсь криптовалютами, не знаю ни их курсов, ни технологий, и не слежу за публикациями о них. Эту увидел совершенно случайно:
Crypto and the Latency Arms Race: Crypto Exchanges and the HFT Crowd
И внезапно там любовно собраны самые абсурдно глупые идеи, какие я читал за долгое время. Интересно, это тамошний мейнстрим?
“Right now, a lot of liquidity providers need to invest more into technology in order to protect themselves against other, very fast liquidity providers, than they can invest in their pricing for the end client. The end result of this is a certain imbalance, where we have a few very sophisticated liquidity providers that are very active in the order book and then a lot of liquidity providers that have the ability to provide prices to end clients, but are tending to do so more away from the order book”, commented Jonas Ullmann, Eurex’s head of market functionality. Such views are increasingly supported by academic research."

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