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Новости тотальной слежки

NPR: Boeing Employees Mocked FAA In Internal Messages Before 737 Max Disasters. Ну что, плохи дела Боинга.

Сегодня же: Bloomberg: A British hedge fund’s attempt to hire a senior trader from Citadel Securities has landed it in a London lawsuit filled with allegations that it obtained a secret trading strategy while using texts and Whatsapp messages to hide all traces of the plan.</a>GSA’s attempted recruitment of Vedat Cologlu was marked by the fund’s strict instruction to the trader to avoid emails and stick to Whatsapp messages and texts, Citadel said in its account of his hiring. Cologlu was to be a key part of GSA’s plan to set up a new high-frequency trading business.
GSA officials must have been aware of the need for secrecy, Citadel argued, because they regularly sought to keep details of the courtship out of emails where they could be easily discovered. In May 2019, GSA’s head of recruitment Douglas Ward emailed a junior employee saying that the job interview questions be “Kept off e-mail.”

Имейте в виду, друзья: мало ничего не писать в е-мейле по делу; необходимо также иметь историю безобидных емейлов с бессодержательными переговорами, чтобы не подумали, что вы не пользуетесь е-мейлом потому, что что-то скрываете.
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