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The “Science” of Caging a Compliant Majority

Тhe BCH doctors decided that Justina wasn’t sick at all! According to them, her “maladies” were psychosomatic. So, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) was called in. Justina was declared a ward of the state, and confined to a room in the hospital’s psychiatric unit.

Why did the BCH doctors believe that Justina had to be separated from her parents? Were there suspicions the girl was being beaten? Sexually abused?

Nope. Justina’s mom and dad were “very nice, intelligent, well-intending parents.” Those are the exact words of a neurologist who helped make the case for her imprisonment. Justina needed to be isolated from her folks because her claims of being sick (and the confirmation from Tufts that she was sick) “were validated by her parents.” She needed to be thrown in a cage because her parents believed her. Dr. Jurriaan Peters, who treated Justina at BCH, claimed that the parents had created a “pathological feedback loop” wherein “anytime a person says they’re sick, it’s endorsed or validated.”


Welcome to Pelletier Nation, where the only “science” that matters is the one that allows leftist politicians to detain and control a disfavored demographic.

When Justina Pelletier was confined by the state based on cherry-picked “science,” she couldn’t fight back. As a fragile, sickly teenage girl, she had a legitimate excuse.

What’s ours?

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