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Elizabeth Bartholet (Morris Wasserstein Professor of Law at Harvard Law School) внезапно навалила на хоумскульный вентилятор огромную кучу американского легалистического говна:

States should impose significant restrictions on homeschooling. Legislatures should do this on their own initiative. But courts must make clear that the current regime violates children’s constitutional rights, and that restrictions along the lines described below are required.
1. General Presumption Against Homeschooling with Burden on Parents to Justify Exceptions
The new regime should deny the right to homeschool, subject to carefully delineated exceptions for situations in which homeschooling is needed and appropriate. Parents should have a significant burden of justification for a requested exception. There is no other way to ensure that children receive an education or protection against maltreatment at all comparable to that provided to public school children.

HSLDA готовится с ней воевать:
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